Balancing your range - Adjusting your play between QQ cash games

Balancing your range – Adjusting your play between QQ cash games


When playing games like those found at the QQ online poker site, ranges need to be balanced. It means playing the right hands in the right way versus observant regulars who are hunting for tendencies. Against weaker opposition, imbalances become highly exploitable. Against strong players, imbalances get you crushed. Playing full-ring QQ games with 9-10 players requires a tighter overall range than 6-max with only 6 players. With more players to act behind, speculative hands and drawing hands lose value. Connectors and suited aces play better 6-handed where you close the action more often. Pocket pairs and big aces gain in value at full ring tables where larger pots develop. Open raise fewer hands from the early position full ring, and only open premiums from the blinds. Loosen up significantly when at 6-max.

Heads up vs. multiway

When heads up, nearly any two decent cards are played profitably with the position. Hands like J5s, 98o, and T7s all become standard opens. These hands lose value multiway and should usually thrown away except when closing the action. Focus on playing big cards, big pairs, and high flush draws when multiway. Be willing to fold small pairs without sets. Play a much tighter range when facing 3+ opponents compared to heads-up pots.

Early position vs. Late position 

Tighten your opening range significantly in the early position, especially under the gun at full-ring games. Hands like KJo, QJs, and 98s lose a lot of playability from upfront. Stick to big Broadway cards, big pairs, and maybe some strong aces. In later positions like the cutoff or button, standard opens are played. You open very wide on the button with nearly any two reasonable cards. Remember your position relative to the remaining players and adjust your standards accordingly.

Deep stack vs. Short stack

When 100BB+ deep, speculative hands with implied odds like small-suited connectors and small pairs gain value. You profitably chase draws, play implied odds, and set mine. Against short stacks of 50BB or less, those same hands become troublesome. Their implied value disappears. Short stacks want to push/fold so your odds to hit diminishes. Play a tighter, lower variance style against shorties. Focus on big cards, big pairs, and high equity holdings that can stand frequent pre or post-flop all-ins. 

Ultra-tight regulars (nits) reach their limit by opening very wide. Their absurdly tight ranges mean you can pick up pots pre-flop with nearly any two. Isolate them and punish their frequent folding. Against maniacs who play any two cards, you must tighten up significantly. They have wide ranges that dominate yours unless you have premium holdings. Wait for big hands and punish their spewiness. Don’t level yourself trying to outplay maniacs just wait for monsters and maximize value. Afterward, adjust your range appropriately against those specific dynamics. Mastering the ability to shift gears quickly between qq online game types leads to long-term profitability.